In these uncertain times we want you to be “Prepared, Not Scared”. We aim to provide you with the absolute best products to help protect You, your Rights and the things you love. Thank you for your business


WWIII Firearms, LLC.

Is a Licensed Type 07 Manufacturer of Firearms and other Non Destructive Devices with an SOT. As a Type 07/02 SOT we can assist you with any of your firearms needs, whether it is a simple firearms transfer, NFA item (SBR, SBS, and Suppressors), or a full custom weapon. We also can provide police, law enforcement, and military contract sales.

We began producing custom firearms founded based off of the love of shooting and the appreciation of our Inalienable Right to Bear Arms.

Our Mission: Provide our customers with the firearms and accessories that meet their specific needs and desires, so they may protect themselves and their loved one’s rights.

No two people are the same, so why should personal protection be one size fits all?

All WWIII Rifles are designed and built to above industry standards.

We support and appreciate our troops and those in law enforcement