WWIII M246 Copperhead URC


WWIII Project M246 16″ 5.56 Copperhead with Our Custom “Ultimate Rattle Can” Cerakote. Made with Precision in Mind: This thing is a tack driver.



WWIII M246 Copperhead URC

-Project M246 Fully Ambi Billet Lower Receiver

-Hand lapped WWIII Upper receiver to improve accuracy

-16″ Caudle P3 polygon rifling is featured in this barrel. P3 Precision rifling is long held as the most accurate, provides the largest surface area to support the bullet, all with the least bullet deformation possible. Time proven performance. This thing is a tack driver.

-WWIII Black Nitride BCG

-15″ MLok handguard

-Ambi Safety Selector

-Ambi Charging Handle

-Improved and Enlarged Controls

-Fab Defense GLR 16-S Stock

-Fan Port Compensater Muzzle Device

-WWIII Custom “Ultimate Rattle Can” Cerakote

*Aimpoint Optic is NOT included*


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